Schematic drawing conversion
We redraw entire schedules to digital and add
searchable attributes to each component symbol
Fast and efficient at competitive prices

Schematic drawing conversion

Increase the searchability of components in the schematic drawing!

Schematic drawing conversion including the change of drawing forms and the introduction of search attributes on each object. Wiring diagrams consist of a variety of diagram types that together document the electrical connection and function of equipment. These equipments are often important components in an industrial production process and therefore important to both operate and maintain.

Often it is essential to be able to quickly find the right component in the documentation. This means that the requirements for the necessary information to be searchable are high. Such a component is reported in several places in the documentation, so it is important to find all of them.

We are redrawing entire schedules into digital and searchable formats, while at the same time changing the form so that it is searchable. Sometimes it is enough to add information in the form of searchable attributes to each component symbol on the electrical schematic. The aim is normally not to redraw the graphical part, but only to increase the searchability of the components included in the drawing. This simplification leads to great benefits at a lower cost because with text search only, the component of the electrical schematic can be found quickly when searching. And reduces the need for review because the wiring diagram itself does not change.


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