3D conversion
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3D Format conversion of advanced drawings

Converting a 3D drawing is advanced compared to a 2D drawing. Quite simply, there is one more dimensional parameter to deal with and for the dimensions to relate to each other properly, a more accurate base is required. The level of detail is also often greater on the 3D drawing.

We can redraw any type of drawing into advanced 3D formats. The work is done quickly and efficiently and involves a pure format conversion, where all drawing entities are created with the same appearance as the original. Depending on the quality and extent of the substrate, a new 3D drawing is created with all details executed to the correct dimensions.

In 3D conversion, most drawing entities are added as objects that can contain property information. A wall is a wall, not just lines and circles that look like a wall. This creates a much more useful drawing, but it also requires more information to be available when the work is done. The level of detail is therefore important to determine in advance, and that the required information is available during the work.

At the same time, we offer our full range of services as an additional service if required, at agreed prices.


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