Drawing editing
Keep your drawings up to date by
frequently introducing all minor changes
Increase the quality of information

Continuous drawing editing for efficient maintenance

A-maintenance of drawings through continuous redline edits. Drawings need to be kept up to date to provide an effective basis for decision-making. In a business where changes are being implemented, this is even more important. The optimal use of this service is after the digitisation of all or part of the drawing stock.

We offer drawing editing services on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. This involves your business flagging errors via red change functions, us tracking them down and making the necessary revisions, and you finally approving them. The whole process via digital management and at a good price.

Our drafting service refers to revising existing 2D drawings or 3D models. In either case, drawings are generated in PDF format for review and approval. The service is performed on an ongoing basis as agreed and is invoiced monthly based on the number and complexity of the items to be edited. The end result is that you only need to review and approve the work done to have access to high quality drawings in your business.

As the work is based on 2D drawings that have been provided with red change information, it is essential that this contains the required information so that the work can be carried out. For example, if a wall is to be moved, the measurements must show exactly how much and that the new location does not clash with other drawing objects. Therefore, auxiliary routines need to be put in place so that the information is actually created.

The work is based on an agreement in which the times of action and special requirements are described. Normally, the drawings to be maintained are transferred to our project portal, but sometimes we do this transfer ourselves. All the client does is review and approve the work done before the drawings are returned in a new revision.

This service allows the client to keep their drawing archive active and continuously updated at a good price. The groundwork is done by our partners in Asia.

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