Inbound and outbound deliveries via our project portal

By improving the management of documents in delivery projects, and providing access to customers’ users, the quality of both the delivered material and the management procedures can reach a higher level. Our proprietary Trix ProjectAccess is a project portal where document file deliveries and deliveries take place and where all necessary project administration is done. The idea is to simplify the whole process, improve quality and eliminate time-consuming sorting of incoming files.

The process is that the customer submits the drawing files to be converted, we review these and make any comments that the customer can keep. The work is then completed and delivered back to. And the customer can comment on the results for adjustments before final delivery is made. All in Trix ProjectAccess accessible to all parties.

Working on change projects via a project structure, digital deliveries and supported by optimal tools saves a lot of time for you and your external users.

Trix ProjectAccess 7 includes features to manage internal delivery control. All new and revised documents must be reviewed and approved before they are accepted. This is done in the formal part of Trix Organizer Project Access and means that the control process can be linked to delivery approvals in the project. Submission control is done based on the requirements specified in Swedish standards and recommendations, such as Construction Documents 90, Part 8 and the international standard SS-EN 82 045. In addition to these standards, we have our Trix Delivery Specification which focuses on particularly important requirements for deliveries. This is a great advantage in quality management and supports modern methods of digital delivery control.

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