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What is the end result

It depends mostly on how good the incoming documents look. If they are clear and complete, the result is very good, as the accuracy of the CAD file is much higher than that of a scanned paper copy. Moreover, the measurements are determined by the appearance of the substrate, as there is no other information to work with.

We do what we call a one-to-one conversion, i.e. we do not change anything of what the documents show, but draw in exactly what is shown on them. In this way, it is always possible to compare the underlays with the final result.

Any adjustments may be made afterwards.

Which file formats can be converted?

We need to receive the documents as scanned documents, either as and preferably in PDF format or as any raster format. We can also work from AutoCAD formats, if these are complete, i.e. all the information in the files is available.

We can also accept other file formats. Contact us if you need to.

How is the price calculated?

Prices are calculated based on paper size, density of drawing objects and type of drawing (technology area). To these basic prices are added various surcharges, such as higher density (more information on the drawing), 3D objects, large amount of text on the drawing, etc.

Many similar drawings can recucerate the price, for example if they are very similar so that pure copying of the similar parts can be done.

Filling in a new drawing stamp is also an addition. However, it is often advisable to create a register in parallel with the conversion, which can be used to load the new drawings into a document archive.

When is payment made?

Payment is normally made on completion of the work. For major works and in special cases, we request an advance payment of 30% of the final price. This is to ensure periodic instalments.

How long is the delivery time?

Normally we deliver within 2 weeks. With an express surcharge this can be reduced to 3-5 working days. For larger jobs, we create a delivery plan together.

What information do we want?

We need evidence that can be read and understood. We check this before the start-up. Unclear documents take considerably more time to work on, hence we charge extra for such cases.

We can also mark unclear sections, which can be completed afterwards. Either by us or by the client, who then has to provide more information. Such additions will be charged.

How does your guarantee work?

We guarantee one-to-one conversion, i.e. we draw exactly what is on the documents. If there are ambiguities, we can of course not guarantee the execution, in such cases we will mark the ambiguity for you to process.

By delivering the new documents, it is immediately possible to compare incoming and outgoing documents. This should be done immediately upon our delivery.

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