2D conversion
We redraw drawings to 2D CAD
Fast and efficient at competitive prices

2D Format conversion of simple drawings

The cheapest way is to redraw from a scanned paper drawing to a modern 2D CAD format. This action alone makes the drawing much more digitally usable.

Our simplest conversion service is to redraw existing drawings in 2D, normally from scanned paper drawings, CAD or PDF files. The process involves creating an exact copy by hand. No drawing elements are added or removed but we perform what we call a one to one conversion. The aim is to ensure that the conversion work does not alter the information on the drawing. If such changes are desired, they can be ordered separately, see under Drawing Editing. We carry out redrawing of all possible drawing types into simple 2D formats. The work is done quickly and efficiently and involves a clean format conversion, with all drawing entities created with the same appearance as the original.

We guarantee that the new copy will match the original, provided that the original can be fully interpreted. Inaccuracies are flagged and subsequent corrections are charged.

The result is a complete copy of the original but in modern CAD format. If necessary, we can obtain dimensions and other information from other reference drawings. The aim is to obtain a result that is as accurate as possible.

Examples of work done

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