BIM modeling
We add BIM properties for mainly real estate
or industrial management
The BIM model creates opportunities for efficient
property maintenance

BIM Modelling

BIM stands for building information model and is both graphical and text-based properties of the object. The aim is to link all possible information about the object for a unified presentation for different purposes. At the same time, this means that the requirements for the necessary information vary with the needs.

We add the information provided to the base and apply it according to current industry practice. The most important thing is the detail of the graphical model as text-based features can be added afterwards.

In 3D conversion, most drawing entities are added as objects that can contain property information. A wall is a wall, not just lines and circles that look like a wall. This creates a much more useful drawing, but it also requires more information to be available at the time of the work. The level of detail is therefore important to determine in advance, and that the required information is available during the work. In BIM, it is important to decide what the information will be used for, with the aim of not adding more information than necessary. More than is required will only be costly!

And at the same time, we offer our full range of services as extras if required, at agreed prices.


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